Carbon Monoxide Alarm CO250B


"Basic battery operated carbon monoxide alarm meets most state and local codes for carbon monoxide alarms."

This compact carbon monoxide alarm is enhanced for travel use. It is ideal for hotel, motel and dorm rooms. It’s battery powered, mutes unwanted alarms and includes a travel pouch. It is equipped with an electrochemical sensor, the highest quality for CO detection.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector 250B InformationElectrochemical sensor - Accurate technology for detecting carbon monoxide.
  • Hinged cover for easy battery replacement - Change battery without having to remove the alarm.
  • Two silence features - Silence low battery chirp for up to 8 hours and nuisance alarms for several minutes.
  • End of Life signal (7 years) - Provides audible notice when alarm needs to be replaced.
  • Tamper resistant locking pin - Locks alarm cover to prevent removal of battery. Perfect for apartment, dormitory or hotel applications.
  • 9V battery included - Available with alkaline battery (CO250B) or with long life lithium battery (CO250LB).

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