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Flush-It® For the treatment and maintenance of Septic Systems

  • Flush-It® uses powerful organic anaerobic and aerobic bacteria to break down waste, reduces odour, sludge and flooding. Individual water soluble sachets* perfect for use in septic systems, drains and grease traps. Saves money, water and time when you use Flush-It®.
  • Designed to encourage microbial activity in the leach fields.

Grease Gone

Grease Gone™ Grease trap treatment and maintenance for use in all systems.

  • Grease Gone™ is a powerful organic greaseeating bacteria. The water soluble sachets* are safe and easy to use, you’ll reduce odours and pump out frequency, while saving money. Eco friendly, non toxic and effective, Grease Gone™ suits commercial and domestic maintenance and problem grease traps.
  • This product has been independently tested by Australian Sustainable Industry Research Centre Ltd. And proven to reduce oil and grease content in a typical grease trap by up to 75%.

Drain Power

Drain Power™ Clears blocked drains quickly and naturally

  • Drain Power™ is a 100% natural biological formula.
  • Drain Power™ is chemical free, using naturally occurring bacteria. It works by breaking down and digesting fats and oils.
  • The ecofriendly smart, water soluble sachets* make it easy and safe to use.
  • Suitable for use on all types of blocked drains, including septic systems.

Available from

All good hardware retailers, service stations, supermarkets and trade outlets.

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