HYDE TOOLS – For The Serious Painter

Product Description


10-in-1 Multi-Tool

  • Scrape Paint
  • Spread compound
  • Clean Rollers
  • Remove putty
  • Open cracks
  • Hammer Head® end sets nails
  • PLUS: 4 bits in the handle

Painters Pyramid – Finish painting in half the time.

  • Non-stick points have minimal contact, allowing you to paint one side, immediately flip the workpiece and complete the job without the drying time
  • Pyramids support workpiece above the work surface for less mess and easier cleanup
  • Supports up to 200 pounds; chemically resistant
  • Great for cabinet doors, shutters, furniture, crafts, moldings and more


Don’t Buy More Paint.Buy a PaintMiser®

  • Get 7% more paint from every can
  • Put 7% less hazardous waste in landfills!

A Huge Market for “Green”! 500,000 professional painters and 26 million homeowners bought paint last year and put an estimated 45 million gallons of paint into landfills! It is the #1 source of household hazardous waste.

MaxxGrip Pro Wire Brushes

Industrial Grade Quality & Superior Comfort Surface Preparation Tools

  • Tapered Nose for Corners & Tight Access Applications
  • Durable Polypropylene & Comfort Overmold Handle
  • No-slip Pommel
  • Finger Protector from Curling Wire
  • Offset Tufts of Wire Minimize Raking Marks
  • Heavy-duty Gauge Wire Available in High Carbon or Stainless Steel

Downloads and Technical Information

HYDE 10 in 1 Multi Tool tech details & info sheet

HYDE Painters Pyramid tech details & info sheet

HYDE Paint Miser tech details & info sheet

HYDE MaxxGrip Pro Wire Brushes tech details & info sheet

Download the complete HYDE MASTER CATALOGUE

Hyde Professional Painting Tools

Hyde Professional Paint Scraper

Hyde Professional Painters Pyramids

Hyde Professional Paint Miser

Hyde Maxx Grip Pro Wire Brush