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G.T. Water Products, Inc. is an industry leader and inventor of unique plumbing test devices and high-pressure plungers and dozens of other plumbing products and accessories. Through strict quality control measures and standards, they are able to offer plumbers products which are safe for them and their environments.

Master Plunger

All of the GT Water Products Master Plungers are environmentally friendly and contain various amounts of PCR (Post Consumer Recycleable) materials.


The bellows design delivers more plunge per push than any other plunger on the market — 7 times the displacement of the rubber cup plunger. Available in Dark Blue, Turquoise, and Black


With its long funnel nozzle this plunger especially designed for the 1.6-gallon toilet.Available in Black


Our new all-purpose plunger designed to fit all drains and those hard to reach ones, like the bathroom sink. With the “stream line design” this plunger has the plunger power, flexibility and also a patented air release with a quarter turn of the hand. Available in Plum, White, and Black.


The versatile white all purpose plunger is available with Bucket for convenient storage.Also available in Plum (MP500-B)


A plunger that has the pushing power as the MP100 with a design for flat drains–showers, drinking fountains, outside drains. Available in Teal


Specifically designed for drains with small openings including, bathtubs, sinks and urinals. Perfect for drains that are difficult to access and drains with protruding spouts. With 72 cubic inches of displacement, the mini master packs most pushing power of the full size plungers into a compact easy-to-use package. Available in Teal.

MPS4(Black) and MPS4-4(White)

Master Plunger Shorty for Residential use/Sinks, Showers and Floor Drains. Versatile, powerful and small size is easy to store.

Drain King

(Smaller Size Applications)


3/4″ – 1 1/2″ Great for clearing Heating -A/C drainage pipes, bath sinks and swimming pool lines.

(Medium Size Applications)


1″-2″ For bathroom sinks, bathub sinks, swimming pool lines.


Included: 501 Drain King and #99 (Faucet adapter) and PE60 (drain adapter).

Hose Not Included.


1 1/2″ – 3″ For kitchen sinks, bathtub, showers, washing machines lines.


Included: 186 Drain King and #99 and PE60


Included: 186 Drain King and #99
and 10 foot garden hose


A unique way to efficiently discharge unwanted water from pools, spas, pool covers, ponds, aquariums, window wells, washing machines, construction sites, basements, boats and much more. The first pump ever to effectively utilize water pressure to empty flooded areas.

PUMPS-A-LOT can move up to 800 gallons per hour using only one gallon for every six emptied and can lift water up to fifteen feet depending on PSI with no priming and can empty standing water to within 1/8″ of the surface. Simply attach garden hose to one end of PUMPS-A-LOT and a discharge hose to the other end (1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″), submerge PUMPS-A-LOT into water and turn on the faucet and watch the results!


“SAFE-T-SEAL” G.T. Water Products’ Test Plug group. The plumbing industry is government regulated regarding safety warnings but not safety design. The only protection afforded to the user is that dictated by the manufactures own conscious. G.T. Water Products has developed its SAFE-T-SEAL line with a concern for the user’s safety. Test plugs are specifically used to pressure test water lines in new construction and in renovation projects.

The SAFE-T-SEAL brand, as the name implies, has eliminated the negative, dangerous features associated with other major brands. SAFE-T-SEALs distinctive features include: a patented presure release safety valve to prevent over inflation or blow-out. The pressure release valve is built in and designed to to release excess pressure through the plug valve; dual inflation capability gives the user the option of air or water; a waffle-smooth body design for user . Long test plugs have two stage deflation which eliminates back wash and flooding.

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