Gable Wall Vents

Gable Master External Wall VentsProduct Description

Gable vents are ideal for new home builders or renovators and can be used on all types of materials; timber, steel, cladding or brick.

Gable Master Round Wall Vent

These USA made Gable Vents cool your roof by encouraging air flow which reduces interior temperatures (featuring a larger venting area than industry standards require), whilst ‘dressing up’ gable ends better than other alternatives.

Product Details

  • More venting area than industry standards
  • Fully screened for complete insect protection
  • Gable Master External VentLevelling lines for faster and easier installation
  • Double baffle system for increased weather resistance
  • Special grey ‘primed’ undercoat finish
  • Unprecedented 40 year limited warranty


Gable Master Square Vent


12″/304mm x 12″/304mm
– Venting area 44″sq

Gable Master Round Top

Round Top

14″/356mm x 22″/559mm
– Venting area 50″sq
22″/559mm x 32″/812mm
– Venting area 70″sq/1778mm sq

Gable Master Rectangular


12″/304mm x 18″/457mm
– Venting area 86″sq
18″/457mm x 24″/609mm
– Venting area 140″sq

Gable Master Round Vent


16″/406mm – (Econovent)
– Venting area 26″sq
– Venting area 50″sq
– Venting area 140″sq

Gable Master Octagon Vent


18″/457mm width – Venting area 40″sq
22″/559mm width
– Venting area 54″sq
32″/812mm width
– Venting area 110″sq

Gable Master Half Round Vent

Half Round

34″/864mm x 22″/559mm
– Venting area 100″sq

Gable Master Oval Vent


21″/533mm x 27″/686mm
– Venting area 57″sq

Non Functional Vents

These Decorative, light weight, polystyrene mouldings are double coated with impact resistant polyurethane finish.

  • Standard sizes available – Round 300mm (12″), 400mm (16″) and 500mm (20″)
  • Custom made sizes are available (Price on Application)

Gable Master Moulded Vent


Downloads and Technical Information

GableMaster Exterior Wall Vents technical details and information sheet