Accord Floor Vents

Accord Floor VentsFloor Vents Description

  • 2 SKUs with low, middle and high end products
  • Modern and traditional vent designs
  • Multiple finishes – wood, resin, brass & plated steelAccord Floor Vents
  • Highest product quality with zero defects
  • Proven retail success – major category supplier for Lowes
  • New products & designs continually in development
  • Potential to custom make designs for individual retailers

Features & Benefits

Three construction materials (ie Wood, metal and ABS)

  • Finishes to suit all home typesFloor Vents
  • Modern finishes (eg satin nickel, brushed nickel, pewter, oil rubbed bronze etc)
  • Suits newer home designs
  • Provides alternatives to “dated” plastic coloured look


Strength & Durability Quality Assurance

  • Floor VentsAll 3 sample units supported 140kg load for a period of 24 hours without incident
  • All 3 sample units functioned without incident following 140kg load test
  • All three finishes exhibited no discoloration, pitting or staining when cleaned with various household cleaning chemicals
  • All three finishes exhibited no scratching, scoring or markings when cleaned with vacuum utilizing power head

Based upon the results of the testing performed on each sample unit and favorable test results from testing Test Protocol, LO 4234 – Heating/Cooling Registers (Vents), the subject floor registers and associated finishes may be considered for procurement.


Each sample unit was tested utilizing a mock floor via the required cutout for each sample tested. Each sample was subjected to a140kg load to test for structural integrity, functionality tested following load test, and clean ability tested utilizing common household floor cleaning products and a vacuum cleaner with a motorised power head.

Downloads and Technical Information

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