Temporary Flooring by Ram Board

Why not solve all of your temporary flooring problems with Ram Board?

The only floor protection with Spill Guard Technology, allowing it to be used for almost every contracting application. Ram Board was designed with cost and efficiency in mind; is non staining, reusable, and lays out flat and fast.

We are proud to announce that Ram Board Temporary Floor Protection is Now Available at Altamonte Pty Ltd.

Temporary Flooring                  Temporary Floor                   Temporary Flooring

It provides heavyduty protection for both new and existing floors. It protects concrete, wood, tile, stone, linoleum, vinyl composition tile (VCT), epoxy and most other floor types. When protecting freshly poured or stained concrete or recently installed flooring, proper curing and breathability are critical.

The designers of Ram Board worked with engineers, architects and contractors in developing it’s Flex-Fiber™ technology. This proven technology gives Ram Board the perfect balance of vapor-permeability and density allowing for the proper curing of new floors while providing a thick heavy-duty layer of protection.

Ram Board protects projects for Bass Pro Shops, The U.S. Embassy, Oakley, AT&T, Wal-Mart, Kroger, Extreme Makeover Home Edition and thousands of other jobs.


Ram Board is committed to being good stewards of the environment. We have met the high standards of the FSC certification process and have been approved by the Scientific Certification System. In addition to green practices we employ at our facilities, our product is composed of 100% recycled components and contains a minimum of 90% post-consumer material. When its use on the jobsite is finished, Ram Board can be re-used or recycled making it a smart green choice.

Downloads and Technical Information

Ram Board Brochure

Ram Board Installation

Ram Board Technical Data Sheet

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