About Us

Founded in Melbourne, Australia to better meet the needs of both manufacturers and retailers, Altamonte Pty Ltd is an importer and wholesale product distributor. We are the conduit for international companies seeking to develop a presence in the Australasian market.

Welcome to Altamonte

Altamonte develops both long-term partnerships with its suppliers and ongoing profitable relationships with Australian retail channel partners.

Our core competency is in developing and executing a comprehensive localised business strategy prior to commencement of importation and distribution. We work collaboratively with suppliers to ensure that strategies achieve maximum market penetration and also establish a defendable market position.

Altamonte has core expertise in distributing quality products via multiple retail channels and multiple channel strategies, in order to maximise growth and to deliver competitive advantage. This is achieved via channel experience, innovative practices, superior market intelligence and strong relationships across the value chain.

Altamonte’s talented team brings a suite of competencies in business strategy, sales, marketing, product management, logistics – and their highest priority, customer service. Through innovation, the use of the latest technology and resources, our team’s focus is to maximise profitable growth for our suppliers and establishing sustainable competitive advantage for the product ranges we represent.

Utilising strategic partnerships brings specialised skills and allows Altamonte to operate with a low and variable cost structure and pass savings through the value chain, resulting in competitive pricing structures and higher profits for our clients.


Altamonte distributes consumer and trade products in the hardware, Trade, Building Supplies, home wares, Automotive and leisure markets.